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Testimonials on our services

I want to personally thank you all that you have done. In this agency, I have found lots of kindness and profound humanity in such a delicate and fragile moment of my life. I send you all a warm greeting.

Marco Chiari

Please excuse my little familiarity with computers. I just wished to thank you and to testify my sincere appreciation for your agency. Thanks again. Alvise ’42

Alvise Rizzo

I’ve chosen this particular funeral arrangements agency thanks to a friend’s advice. I have not absolutely regretted my choice. The owner, Paolo Lorenzetti, was extremely polite. I just wanted to thank you for the service that you’ve arranged for my mother, it was impeccable. But mostly, for the key information and bureaucratic assistance that you have given me.

Carla Ricci

My father’s funeral arrangement was impeccable. I have got nothing to complain. Discretion and professionalism at its finest. I was extremely struck by their sharp punctuality.

Giancarlo Dominici